Success Stories

Success Stories2019-01-11T14:47:22-05:00
When I arrived here with my four children, I was really angry. I blamed myself for making us homeless. So I stayed away from everyone at first. Then slowly, I began to open up to other residents and staff. I started to participate in daily workshops and programming. I knew it wasn’t our home but we were together. And we felt safe.

Today, I’ve learned to trust. To let go of my anger, fear and hurt and to feel hope instead. I’ve forgiven my past and let people help me learn to love again. I really appreciate everything we’ve gotten here. The staff gave us the assistance we needed to adjust and grow. I knew there was a better life waiting for me and my children. And guess what? We’re moving into our new home…just in time for the holiday.

“We weathered the storm and we are still standing.”